Posted by: mohdzawi | July 28, 2008

My Pasir Mas

I am writing a series on Pasir Mas. My idea is to tell readers about this town and district of Pasir Mas where I was born and bred some 58 years ago. This will be just an introductory post and nothing specific just yet. The post won’t follow any definite pattern but will be written by whims and fancy as the mood goes. Rest assured that it will be something interesting about Pasir Mas be it of the past and the present. For those who were from here and are now permanently or temporarily residing in another part of the world, you will find this to be your way to know about your old home town.

Since I am new to wordpress I will be having some problems adjusting to the format and technique but I guess I should learn up fast from my experience from Blogger.

Β For starters I am putting up some pictures taken from the core of the town infront of the Jamiah, where the old musalla used to be. It is at the corner where for ages, medicine seller used to ply their trade.



  1. Alright! Way to go πŸ™‚
    Ah, don’t worry ’bout not knowing many things and features in the wordpress. You’ll find it pretty sleek and highly customizable, especially the theme. And you can even put your own domain for the URL as well (ie. or, no charges if I am not mistaken πŸ™‚
    Have fun ‘wordpress-ing’ around πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats for the new site:) Wahh, ‘worpress-ing’ now. All about Pasir Mas eh? The State gonna owe you one, or many hehe.
    Wordpress is very flexible in term of management and decoration, not sure about this, but you can set up your own URL. So I bet you’re going to have a lot of fun with this domain.
    Happy ‘WordPress-ing’ πŸ™‚

  3. Akmal,
    You made history by being the first to comment on My Pasir Mas, which is our hometown. To top it all you made two comments in one go. That will another first. Thanks to my ignorance on how things operate in WordPress. Some how I am beginning to like it here. So brother Mat Salo cant be the only one to own a new site under WordPress.

  4. Gee, for a minute there I thought I was looking at my own site!

    Congratulations, anyway.

    Maintaining multiple blogs isn’t easy. So way to go Pok Zawi …

    I like the format after seeing you use it. Still need to learn on how to change the picture on the header like you did on your site. No problem for maintaining multiple sites as I have the luxury of time which you don’t have hehehehe.

  5. Pak awi… I will be the second lah. πŸ™‚

    rupa-rupanya pak awi nie super duper senior ambo lar nie. ambo pung dulu sekolah sultan ibrahim jugok. tapi masa tuh dah ada ibrahim satu and ibrahim dua doh.
    kiranya pasir mas nie tempat ambo membesar lah jugok…dari form 1 sapa form 5 kat sana.

    so samalah..Happy WordPress-ING. πŸ™‚

    Pak Zawi di SIS Primary dari tahun 1960 – 1963, SIS Secondary dari tahun 1964 – 1968. Pah tu gi ngaji Kolej Pertanian Serdang hingga 1972. Kira ore lama SIS la. Saya bercadang nak buat My Pasir Mas dalam dwi bahasa. Apa pandangan Arejae?

  6. Zawi
    Congrats on your new blog, My Pasir Mas. Looking forward to catching up on whats happening back home. Enjoyed reading your Life As I See It eventhough I have not posted any comments, but I can’t resist being the first few to encourage you on this one. Go ahead and put our Pasir Mas on the World Map! By the way where in Pasir Mas is the picture at the top title page?
    Jena SIS68

    What took you so long to comment on my blogs?
    Thank you for the encouragement. The picture on the header is a standard picture from WordPress for this format. I have yet to learn how to change the picture under WordPress so be patient and I will put an authentic pictures of Pasir Mas in due course.
    Would appreciate your comments on this site however short they are in the future. It will give me the encouragement to post new things for the likes of you. I hope you realize that Suhaimi Jaafar is a regular over at LAISI. He is calling the shots from London.

  7. I grew up in Pasir Mas too. Mr Ahmad was the headmaster of SIPS in 1966 and when I left SIS in 1976 Mr Yusoff Abdullah was the headmaster. Now I barely recognise my old alma mater. Settled down in Kota Bharu now. Nice work Mr Zawi ,in getting Pasir Mas on the net.

    It’s good to have a new member from old SIS. Love the old school very much. It was the Premier school back then almost on par with SIC. I know all those teachers. Cikgu Ahmad Rahman is residing in Pasir Mas even though he is from Penang. He must have loved Pasir Mas so much to have settled here.
    Hopefully with the support of people like you I will be writing more about Pasir Mas and make it known to more people via the net.

  8. Congratulations on your new blog. What a name….Golden Sand.

    Thank you for reminding me about the English meaning of Pasir Mas which is Golden Sand. I will put the translation for the name somewhere on the header. I am very glad that you pointed it out.

  9. Pak Zawi, molek benar tuh ado dwi bahasa.setuju sangat2 lar. πŸ™‚
    Pak zawi abih belajar SIS tahun 1968 tuh, kito tok tubik lagi atah muko bumi nie. πŸ™‚
    kito kat SIS tuh tahun 1989-1993. tinggal pulok di ASPURA (asrama putra)…oloh…byk kenange situ tuh.:)

    Pok Zawi cuba buat dwi bahasa dalam next blog. Cuma ianya bukanlah direct translation bab Pok Zawi ni ore lamo jadi tak buleh nak buat translation yang tepat. Perbendaharaan kata saya terhad dan ejaan pun cara lama lagi.
    Terima kasih aras sokongan.

  10. Dear Pak Zawi, this is a fantastic idea of a blog. You know, sometimes its just the simple things that are near us that is so meaningful. A town like Pasir Mas where you grew up will have many many stories to tell, who know,s if its of historic concern, maybe you can do a small pictorial book of the places of interests, people and stories combined. Will be checking regularly!

    That is exactly the point, the small things around us that we fail to notice all this while.
    As I ride my bicycle around town or the villages near my home, my eyes are always alert for such things. Due to that I manage to capture on cameras many things that would be missed if I were to ride on faster vehicles. People are often curious as to what I am photographing. I would like to share these images. Unfortunately images alone are insufficient without some interesting and accurate accompanying story. Turning into a book would be the ultimate dream. With your guidance I think this dream is not impossible to achieve. All I need to do now is to hone on my photographic taking skill and add new essential equipments. More often than not I missed taking photographs of beautiful object that happens in a fleeting seconds due to the lack of proper equipment.
    I will be most honoured to have you regularly check on my sites and make such encouraging comments as I can feel the sincererity in you.

  11. Perhaps the blog name can be:

    Pasir Mas Ku: My Golden Sand


    Pasir Mas Ambo: My Own Sands of Gold


    something like that…


    Thanks for the idea. I will amend immediately. My motto: The client is alway right! All the more so with a regular visitor like you.

  12. Hi Zawi, I don’t think you need more equipment, really. Many people think more equipment will help, but my first advise is to master whatever equipment you have already to the full. Eat, sleep, work with it until you know every function and setting on it. Also, look at published material and websites like the Magnum photographers, and Steven McCurry and you will slowly but surely pick up cues and styles that you like. Get closer to the people you photograph, like that of the Station master you shot, get their surroundings, their place of work etc to set the scene. Get the historical objects, like old wall clocks, old buildings, then once you have a body of work that will be a good time to edit them into a book. Have a look at I have used it and its easy to produce a book at a small cost.

    I am most honoured to be getting such advices from a professional photographer like you. I will take heed and explore to the hilt all the possibilities and features in my camera. Fortunately I am enjoying working with it and every opportunity that I have to use it, I will use it which is everyday. I will continue working with it till it becomes a part of me.
    I am blessed to be living in a kampung environment where I wake up to the sound of birds. In fact the trees around my house are where the birds love to hang out and feed themselves on and my water fountain is where the birds take their daily bath. It is these small animals including some squirrles that has been frustrating me cos they are there and yet I can’t capture their image as every time I aim a camera at them they will run away.
    I am enjoying using the close up converter too. Remember the one you asked me about? It is not a wide angle converter as I told you earlier but a close up. I can get better close uo with it than my standard 18 – 70 mm alone. All I need to do is to attach it at the end of my std lens.
    As to the station master I have a picture of him with the vintage token tablets and also the equipments used for ensure the safety of trains from collisions. These pictures will be used in my post for LAISI where a much detailed entry on the same subject will be posted for intenational readers to read. I never expect readers like you to be visitig My Pasir Mas.
    After reading you comments about the pre war buildings, I went around and took more shots. I found a few more jewels that I would like to share with you. I will post them on my flickers soon.
    Your suggestions of photographic websites to visit are most useful to me especially the Maybe I will get to publish a book after all. Maybe a book on old buildings in Kelantan could be interesting. I will continue photographing them and build up a collection. If you think they are good enough then it will be worth publishing.
    Again I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your wonderful advice.

  13. i was born in pasir proud of it!

    We are all proud to be from Pasir Mas. Born and bred here too.

  14. Assalamu’alaikum Pak Zawi, I stumbled across your blog on Pasir Mas which quickly bring back memories of the 60’s and 70’s. Thanks for it. I m also from this part of the Kelantan to be exact at the other end of the new bridge across the railways i.e. Kubang Panjang. I like your writing on background of P Mas what more on who is who and what is what. Maybe others got collection of photos of P Mas way in 60’s and 70’s like you have from Seni Budi Photo Studio. The train station is of course one of the nalstolgic one and what more if you can describe what happenned at Lemal crossing, tragic one. Anyway I believe you got more to write and we will share any common stories and confirm what I saw or heard then. Wassalam

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