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Basic Information about Pasir Mas and Flood Alert

I tried to comply to my ealier promise to do a bilingual post for the benefit of those who are not cofortable with the English langauge but I found it too taxing for me. Please bear with me and try to read it in English till I find the time to do it. Sorry Arejae.

Two days ago(29th Jul 08) I went to the Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan Pasir Mas (The District and Land Office) for some information. For those who had been away from Pasir Mas for too long,  and still want to know how the present Land and District Office looks like, just click on the second pic from the left on the top row.

There are several departments at the district office. From past experience when dealing with such offices, the Bahagian Pembangunan will be the appropriate office for me to call at.

At the entrance I saw all the Senarai Tugas (Function Lists) and Vision and Mission Statements well displayed. How Impressive they are. (third and fourth pic)

Though I didn’t notice any signages of shoes off, I took my sandals off after I saw a pair of shoes outside the door. When I entered the door, true enough this office practices shoes off policy. I gave my salam and it was answered by a lady clerk whom I presumed to be the chief clerk from the position her desk was facing. I told them that I needed some information about the population of Pasir Mas. She told me that they don’t have the latest to which I answered that it would be OK and asked for a few years record so that I can extrapolate to the current year. She asked the other staff who was fiddling around with the computer if front of him to get the information. There were quite a few computers and that gave me the impression that this office is well connected internet wise.

The other staff had no clue where to get the information and finally the chief clerk sort of apologise and asked me to get it from Bahagian Perangkaan (Statistic Department) at the State Secretaries office in Kota Bharu. She asked me where I was from and reluctantly I told her that I am just a blogger trying to promote Pasir Mas.

It was stupid of me in the first place to have gone there seeking informations. In this of Information Technology, information can be at your fingertips when you access the net. That is where I should get my information. They don’t keep population figures for their development planning.

For the first timer to Pasir Mas with a GPS, Pasir Mas is located at:   6 deg 02min 34 sec N and 120 deg 08 min 37 sec E. (See Google earth map in first pic)

That will be at Bangunan Serangkai Mas which I consider to be the heart of the town.  Land area of Pasir Mas is 569 Sq. km with a population of  172, 692 as of 2005. The total population of Kelantan is 1.373 million with Kota Bharu being th highest with 425,294 people. Most people in the district are involved in agriculture especially in padi planting and rubber tapping. The padi planters enjoy double cropping as KADA provides the water via it’s network of irrigation canals. Tobacco farming used to be another major agriculture activity but it has since been reduced to the production of tembakau darat. Wait for my take on LAISI as to how tembakau darat is produced.

There is no figures on the breakdown of the population but other than Malays there are some Chinese and Thai that make up the population of Pasir Mas and Indians are very few in numbers.

The District Officer is En. Fauzi Mat.    

The name Pasir Mas is probably taken from the golden coloured sand found on the other side of the river which is known as Seberang Pasir Mas though it is part of Kota Bharu. There is no gold to be found there otherwise the people of Pasir Mas would be very rich especially those from Seberang Pasir Mas.   

Mamadou a Malaysian working in Mali Africa posed my the most difficult question about whether it is true that Pasir Mas has the most number of beautiful maidens in Malaysia. How do I answer to that? Based on fact only one person has been crownd as Miss Malaysia way back in the early sixties. She is the present consort to Sulatan Mahmud Iskandar, the Sulatan of Johor. No others were crowned as such after that.  Only one of my two sons married a fellow Pasir Masian. When The Satr carried an article about the pretty maidens of Pasir Mas, only maidens from two families were featured. Does that two familes represent the whole of Pasir Mas? Pretty maidens are everywhere. Just look around for them. The best are in KL where most jobs are found and a pretty face always help to secure a job. So now make your own conclusion whether Pasir Mas has the most number of pretty maidens or not.

These pretty girls were photographed at the Pesta Nasi 100 inKota Bharu
These pretty girls were photographed at the Pesta Nasi 100 inKota Bharu

On the way home from the District office I saw the flood level alert at the Dataran Ayer Muleh near the river bank. The notice indicates the following figures: (see fifth pic)


 9.00 M  – Waspada (Alert)

10.00 M – Amaran (Warning)

10.65 M – Bahaya (Danger)

The bank of the Kelantan River in Pasir Mas is fortified by a concrete wall with metal pilings. The wall keeps the flood water from breaching the river bank into town. You can see the walls in the picture behind the notice. The wall stretches for miles starting from the Fire and Rescue headquarters in Lemal till Jias which is almost near to my house in Mekasar.

I was curious to know the point where the water level is read and so I took a peek over the wall. I was quite surprised to see the marked pole almost covered with tall grasses which we called pokok  teberau. I guess since the flood usually occurs in November onwards when the North East Monsoon comes visiting, there is still time to clear up. Who knows maybe they have automatic water level detector whereby siren will be sounded when the water level breaches the warning level? (sixth pic)



  1. salam…another blog on the block…nice header photo la

    Now I am blurred as to which photo header that you are referring to as I have changed the it to a new one. Please confirm which one you are referring to so that I can put the one you prefer. The earlier one of the bendang will be used for LAISI and that is why I removed it. I think that was the one you are referring to.
    Thank you anyway.

  2. congrats on ur new endeavour…the idea behind ur new blog is marvellous n it will no doubt bring back the old and sweet memories of pasir mas

    i will continue reading ur laisi tho ‘

    i just can’t help but notice that u have been using the word information in a plural sense…informations is not right to use…sorry…just an observation

    durian is a precious commodity in london so ur lucky to be bestowed with such a luxury of having 2 durian seasons in a year

    what’s next on ur agenda ?

    keep up the good work .

    When I embarked on this new project, you are one of the persons I had in mind. Further more Azmy had been pestering me to promote something on Pasir Mas as he had seen me doing more for KB than for our own Pasir Mas. So this is it.
    Thanks for the correction. Actually I wasn’t sure myself about the plural form for information. Anyway I have done the needful corrections.
    My Pasir Mas will be updated almost on a daily basis as the enries will be much shorter than the entries for LAISI. It is meant more for ex Pasir Masians and those who wants to know more about the latest information about Pasir Mas. I will be grooming LAISI into a magazine of short with more lenghty well researched articles. Why not you be part of the team and contribute to LAISI? You definitely have many things to tell. I know you have this writing streak in you and I want to make up the unjust rejection of your article in our school magazine 40 years ago. That is how sorry I am.
    A friend from the US wrote that frozen durian is exported to her place and I think the same can be done for UK. If that be the case then you can enjoy durian all year round from any country that is in season there.
    I have no definite agenda about the future. All I can divulge is that the next entry will be about The Railway Station as it has undergone huge transformation recently when they demolished the old one and built a completely new one. Or should that be reserved for LAISI? Maybe a short mention here and a long write up in LAISI. Ahhh sometimes making a simple decision is very difficult.
    Thank you my friend.

  3. pasir mas…

    gambar signboard di stesyen keretapi yg baru dibaik pulih
    rindunya pada pasir mass…. 🙂

    Post saya yang akan datang adalah mengenai Stesyen Keretapi tu yang kini berwajah baru. Saya juga telah interview Stesyen Master dan dapat sedikit info. Memang signboard baru tu signboard baru yang berlampu didalam. Saya telah ambil gambar baru signboard lama yang lebih nostalgic.
    Harap berkunjung lagi untuk berita terkini.

  4. Sebelum kejauh, ceritakan lah macam mana Pasir Mas tu dapat nama tu. Dulu2 ada banyak pasir mas disana ke ?
    Pasir Mas terbahagi kpd beberapa kg. Antaranya ?
    Yang saya tahu, Bunut Susu dan Chekok.
    Apa kah tempat2 menarik di Pasir Mas ?

    Ok saya akan edit dan masukkan bagaimana nama Pasir Mas diperolehi. Thanks for the suggestion. Didn’t put in cos I thought everybody knows about it. Terlalu banyak kampung untuk dimasukkan dalam senarai. Bilangan mukim sahaja pun dan cukup banyak.
    As to the places of interest I will put in in my future posts. This post wil be updated almost daily so I will have to mention just one thing at a time. All entries will be short and sweet and not as lengthy as entries for LAISI.

  5. tahniah pak zawi…suka bila buleh baca ttg kampung…rasa cam nak balik jer 🙂

    Terima kasih. Din dok kampong mana? Kalu saya tahu saya boleh letak gambar kampong Din. Jengok la kemari acap sikit.

  6. saya asal dr kg pengkalan pasir, somewhere dekat ngan bank pertanian…opss skrg nama agrobank. 🙂

    insya Allah, saya akan jenguk sokmo

    I used to live in Padang Tok La when I was schooling in SIS P Mas. Pengkalan Pasir is just nearby. If you want me to write something special about Pasir Mas, just tell me about it and I will do some small fact finding for the write up. Thanks for the support.

  7. sorry to correct u again…equipment is always used in the singular form…the plural for equipment is still equipment n not equipments

    my memories and association with pasir mas would have long gone into oblivion had it not been for ur resourcefulness…ur blog somehow jogs the old memories that was long imbedded in my subconscious mind….and it is coming out slowly and surely…

    are all the buildings u displayed still there ? i do not seem to recognise any of them . the buildings that i can still remember are the garuda and rex cinema that are no more there now ( the re pakoh joke never failed to bring out the wry smile in me and it was hillarious the first time i heard of it ) , what stands on its place now ? other buildings that i can remember are the corner coffee shop that i used to go for roti canai with ibrahim , the stationery shop that sells the oxford university press mathematical box ( oxford was so grand then but i go there all the the time now ) , dusun green , the indian shop at the junction , ( was there a market at the middle of the town ?…my memory fails me ) , azmy’s toko , zainal’s too ? , that’s about all i guess

    of course the railway station used by the rice smugglers that i used to commute and the old maiden tree infront of it…

    how i wish i can sit in the time machine and go back in history

    the malaysia week in london just ended and it never failed to mesmerize londoners with its spectacular cultural performances , even tho the wau buley n endang were missing it was replaced by other routines that was rendered in equal measure…fresh fruits were flown in too…i saw the mangosteen , jack fruit n many others but the mother of all fruits was definitely missing…guess i have to make do with the frozen option

    i shall strive to cover other issues that u raised as a matter of course

  8. sj,
    I must thank you for your effort to correct my spelling. Learning is a continous process and I am willing to carry on being corrected. English is diminishing in use especially in Kelantan and nowadays I find it very rare for me to find anybody to speak to in Pasir Mas. English is a funny language as there is no basic guide to it. With just a form five education I guess I am lucky to be able to write this much.
    Recently I have taken many pictures of the old buildings in town and will be blogging about it. You will be able to see what remains and what has changed. That shoud satiate your lust about the old town of Pasir Mas. I was supposed to post something new about Pasir Mas yesterday but because of a pressing post on my other blogsite LAISI about our coming gathering on August 12, I will have to defer it to today or tomorrow.
    I am glad you managed to get some taste of Malaysian fruits and see those cultural performance.
    Today Mohd Nor Harun will be coming to take me Pengkalan Kubor Tumpat for a visit there and for some photo shoot of the Budhist temples there for my future posts about Kelantan.
    If you have any special angle for me to cover, do not hesitate to let me know and I am ever willing to do it for you.

  9. i remember driving to pengkalan kubor about 30 years ago and i remember vividly the sleeping buddha…it was an enormous buddhist temple…just like the one in penang

    the sight of pigs roaming by the roadside was the downside of my trip…there were not many buildings at that time but i remember the police station where my fren tg long haniff ( do u happen to know him…he resides in kb n i have lost touch with him completely ) who deposited his gun before crossing the border

    the tax free shops was a boon for tourists…the jetty n the boat journey across the river was an incredible experience n u can see the policemen lurking in the bushes along the river to ensure that there are no illegal activities going on

    in takbai ( will u be going over ? ) there was a market that sells everything cheap by m’sian std…i missed the delicious fried quail there

    i am sure that pengkalan kubor has progressed by leaps n bounds now n i would sure be delighted to see the pics of the town centre there , if there is one

    that name mohd nor harun does ring a bell but i cannot pinpoint the exact person , my regards to him all the same

    i shall take up the other issues that u raised earlier as a matter of course

    have a good time blogging away in pengkalan kubor ( is there a real kubor over there ? )

    It was a great trip to Pengkalan Kubor. There was so much for me to photograph especially with a new gigantic Buddha statue in a squatting position being built. The new one will give a good competition to the Sleeping Buddha in terms of attracting visitors to the temple. Please wait for my take on Pengkalan Kubor.
    Mohd Nor Harun is Ludin Do Mas to you people in Rantau Panjang. Look at his picture in my latest blog about the gathering and I think you can still recognize him since he didn’t change much.
    His wife suffered from kidney failure and has to go for regular dialysis just to survive. On the day of the visit he had just sent his wife to the Pasir Mas Hospital for the dialysis and while waiting for her to finish we took off to Pengkalan Kubor.
    I am intent on doing another gathering this December and Dr Mahmud has undertaken to underwrite the event. If you are willing to come back for the event, please state your date so that we can work around that date as the day of the gathering. This will be a special one to welcome you home. There is only Mohamad Jusoh (Mat Kuching) to be found to make our gathering a meaningful one. After locating you he is the last one to be located.
    I have a small surprise for you. Please look out for my email which I will be sending soon.
    Take care my friend.

  10. gambar jln ku haji lemal takdok ko kawe rindu benar2 kampong lama dah sangat tak kelik

    • Azli,
      Nanti ambo gi ambik gambar dan buat pos baru. Ramai yang asal dari Pohon Celagi dan Lemal berminat mengenainya tempat tu.

  11. Salam..buat Pakcik Zawi..
    terlebih dulu sya nak ucapkan syabas buat pakcik kena byk citer menarik dlm. blog ini berkenaan Pasir Mas kelantan.

    Bole tak pakcik citer serba sedikit berkenaan Kg. Tar Tujuh,gambar dan lokasi ye dimana..? dulu sya ada kawan org. kg sana tapi sekarang da lose contract..sya ade cuba search dlm map tapi tak jumpa ler pakcik..

    Anyway terima kasih buat pakcik & semoga maju jaya..

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