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Pasir Mas Railway Station.

The railway station is the icon of Pasir Mas. In the sixties most people came to Pasir Mas by the train and will disembark at the old railway station. The railways was built by the British and anything built by them were made to last. The old wooden station building would have lasted for many more years if they had maintained it well and not demolish it. Sad to say progress is tantamount to building new ones which is more functional though foregoing the historic value of the old building.

Most of the people who served in Pasir Mas would want to visit the old railway station whenever they come back to Pasir Mas. Now only the yet to be completed new station will greet their eyes and a heart wrenching nostalgic feeling will be felt by anybody who had some association with the railway in the olden days. Sending away relatives for pilgrimage to Holy Mecca, studying out of states, visiting families or going to work elsewhere was via the railway was the norms until roads become better and flights become affordable and fashionable to travel.

This is how the old railway station looks like in the sixties. It was a hive of activities as traders do some trade before boarding the train to tade in other far away stations like Gua Musang and Kuala Lipis. Picture coutesy of Seni Budi Pasir Mas.

This is how the old railway station looks like in the sixties. It was a hive of activities as traders do some trade before boarding the train to trade in other far away stations like Gua Musang and Kuala Lipis. Picture coutesy of Seni Budi Pasir Mas.

Today when I visited the station, this is how the station looks from the new yet to be completed car park.

The new station as seen from the carpark

The new station as seen from the carpark

I met the Station Master En. Ariffin Che Sulaiman who was kind  enough to pose for me and brief me on the station. Hey even a citizen reporter is accorded the same respect as any newspaper reporter.

En. Ariffin Che Sulaiman, the Station Master.

En. Ariffin Che Sulaiman, the Station Master.

 Pasir Mas is one of the top income earner to KTMB in Kelantan bringing in RM200,000 monthly in normal season to RM250,000 a month during the peak season which is the school holidays or festive seasons. Pasir Mas Railway Station serves 14,000 to 15,000 passengers a month which is the highest in the east coast. Though Pasir Mas serve more than passengers than the station of Wakaf Baru, the later earns higher revenue through the sale of more first class tickets.

There are more facilities now. The platform is very much longer and and it will be further extended in due course. The platform is at a higher level than before so you can just walk into the coaches. Most of it is covered too so the passengers waiting to embark will be sheltered from the weather.

Embarking passengers will be sheltered from the weather.

Embarking passengers will be sheltered from the weather.

The new station is due to be completed this October 2008 but personally i doubt it, as the final touches usually takes time. Anyway despite being incomplete building, the extended  and covered platform is already serviceable.

The accident prone express bus services, improved services by KTMB, the railway has become the choice mode of transport. To avoid disappointment, better purchase your tickets in advance. Tickets for the festive season’s period is often sold out months before the period.

Tickets can be bought online at

Read my more detailed take on The Railway Station of Pasir Mas on my LAISI soon.



  1. Salam Pak Zawi,

    The first and last time I traveled to Kelantan on train was…let’s see, when I was 3 years old? So I really can’t say if there has been any changes to the place. However, I would gladly go to Kelantan and Terengganu for any holidays I. Another choice would be Sabah. I do love the life in these 3 states.

    Try the railways again. If you can afford it travel first class and you will get a room on twin sharing basis. Otherwise take the second class sleeping berth. If you want to see sceneries take the day express train.
    The return leg you can fly back as that will be faster and with AirAsia, everybody can fly.

  2. Hi, nice blog. Bila nak letak link? Hi hi hi

    kelantan blogger,
    Kat wordpress belum reti nak letak link. Masih meraba raba.

  3. The Pasir Mas railway station always remind me of rice smuggling activities in the early seventies. On the way back from the school library around 11 am I would wait for the Golok train to arrive. Upon its arrival puok-puok mikul beras would run to the train and from its windows the sacks of rice would be passed to the pemikul. The police/customs would chase after these people and the whole spectacle provide drama and excitement for the day.Budak budak mikul beras are known to be gedebe in those days. Thanks you Mr Zawi for showing the railway station which brought back memories of Pasir Mas to me.

    Wave dancer,
    Thank you for reminding me about those activities. I will describe it in my detailed entry about the railway station in my bext entry for LAISI. That will be very interesting to write about. Oh dear I forgot completely about them and now it is coming back in a flood of memories.

  4. Assalamualaikum Ayoh Awi

    Pasir Mas legends is of its beautiful women. Is it true? Hope you could reveal whether its the truth or myth?

    Really appreciate your effort promoting Pasir Mas and kelantan in general.


    I will edit the entry to include the answer to your question. Thank you for asking that.
    Read my responce to your comment here

  5. assalamualaikum pak zawi,

    been following your blog for quite a while, enjoyed your lengthy tales about everything kelantan especially pasir mas.
    it seems to me you’re true and true pasir mas thoroughbred, so i have this urge to ask you about a friend i know who is from pasir mas but i do not know where she is now.
    tried her old address, but never seemed to have a reply( hari raya cards).
    my friend is suraya abdul rahman, abt 55yrs of age, do you know of anyone with that name in pasir mas?
    we went to the same school in our younger days.
    thank you very much, and i will end by quoting with a phrase pak idrus loves, have a nice day.

    I think you are in luck. There is Cikgu Suraya Ab. Rahman of about that age living about 200 metres from my home. When my grand daughter was with me here I used to push her pram to her house because Suraya’s mother Mak Jah loves to play with my Balqis.
    What I will do is I will give your email to her and she will contact you.
    I hope that will make you happy.

  6. Assalamualaikum.
    KTMB also provide budget holiday packages. Just found out about it recently on my latest train ride.
    Yes, I have to agree that tickets is dreadful during festivities, especially Raya. But what to do, everyone is thrilled for homecoming, no? 😉
    Oh, so people smuggled rice using train dulu?
    There were also trains passing Gual Periok during my primary school days. Not sure what were inside the container, though. But my friends and I used to play by the railway. And of course got our well-deserved scold afterwards ;P

    The train plying the Pasir Mas Golok route was used mostly to smuggle rice into Kelantan and also to transport school children to and from school. Later it was scrapped when KTMB was losing lots of money because the passenger don’t buy tickets but just pay the guards who may just pocket the money. The smuggling activities were so rampant that all toilets were filled with rice packed in brown paper bags. Even the under carriage was used to place the smuggled rice and they would go under it to retrieve those bags when the train reached Pasir Mas.
    You definitely deserve the scoldings as it is dangerous to play along the railway lines especially when the trains are passing by. You can get sucked by the turbulence of a fast moving train.

  7. Assalamualaikum Pak Zawi…
    Congratulation to your blog which can motivate me to explore the site every day. Keep on going. Well, the railways station of Pasir Mas make me rewind the story of my brother in law who sent his family back to Johore in 1980 where the ‘makcik’ who sell the grapes to them and told them that the grapes call ‘ jabit ‘ at Kelantan. They thougt Jabit is one of most popular cartoon that time named Prebet Jabit in Gila Gila magazine.

    Walaikummussalam. You are right. The older folks called grapes zabit or jabit. Of course those mokciks knows nothing about Prebet Jabit in Gila-Gila.
    Do keep coming as I will try to post something everyday even if they are short stories and I think I have a lot of them.

  8. gambar station master tu nampak kesian je. Kamu paksa dia ambil gambar tu ke Zawi ?
    Kamu tak cuba naik keretapi tu dulu ?

    He approved the picture but I think I will do justice to him by posting a bettter picture of him in the next post on my LAISI.
    I didn’t ride the train. I guess your write up on the train ride should be sufficient for readers to know how it feels to be on one.

  9. A little bit info for Pasir Mas, before year 1918, Pasir Mas was part of Kota Bharu district.

    Thanks for the info. The same thing happened to Gua Musang. Before it was part of Ulu Kelantan which includes Kuala Krai. The same with Jeli which was part of Tanah Merah. Soon maybe Rantau Panjang may split from Pasir Mas.

  10. assalamualaikum..

    tahniah pak zawi coz buat blog ni..banggo ambo..
    mek (nenek) kawe salu crito psal pasir mah nih..termasukla tepat sarkas salu mari, rok2 kt stesen ketapi dulu, pahtu time pasar besar pasirmah hok terbakar dulu ambo ado mlm kejadie tuh..terbakar jugok tepat tuh setelah beberapa kali keno attack dgn lintar pintas..

    byk lagila, trimaz coz buat blog ni..kalu ado ggaba lamo2, postla cni, blh ambo amik buat wallpaper..

    tahniah sekali lagi..


  11. akubudu,
    Terima kasih kerana sudi menziarah kemari. Saya berazam untuk menambahkan blog baru pada kadar segera. Sekarang saya sedang menulis mengenai panggung pangung lama di Pasir Mas. Sila kunjung lagi ya.

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