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The VIPs

Today 21st Oktober 2008 Bank Rakyat Pasir Mas held a Hari Raya Open house at its branch located in the Bangunan Serakai Mas. I was informed by a close friend Tuan Syed Halim Jamalulail about it but since I have just had my lunch and was not in the best of clothes, I felt it was not appropriate to for me attend such a function.

Later when I went to the bank to withdraw some money, the staff at the bank invited me to go upstairs to attend it. I asked them if I could take some photograph to which he said yes. So there I was in the not so best of clothes taking some pictures including that of my friend Tuan Syed Halim Jamalulail who everybody in Pasir Mas addressed as Ayah Ku or Pok Ku. I will reserve the story about Ayah Ku for another time as I want to blog about him as one of the personalities in Pasir Mas.

Even though they had the function of on a working day, there was no disruption to their services. All customers who came to the bank that day was treated to a sumptous lunch.

Bank Rakyat will be relocated to another premise soon at the Wisma Majlis Daerah Pasir Mas. The new office is still under renovation. The earliest they could relocate will be in December and the latest by January 2009 depending on how soon the new office can be ready.

Here are some pictures of the open house by Bank Rakyat Pasir Mas.



  1. It’s not of much concern how you were dressed when it is you holding the camera:-)

    The one in blue Baju Melayu – I think I know him, but I can’t quite remember…

    Will be waiting for the story about Pok Ku. “Jamalulail”… Was he from Perlis?

    BTW I have my own story when you/he mentioned his house, and invited me there – I froze! This is the good thing about blogs – we learn new things from others, about others. Plus give us the chance to explain some things that might not be able to be expressed clearly through talking.

  2. […] blog about Pasir Mas and Kelantan) And yesterday, Zawi was at the Bank Rakyat Raya Open House – and had written about it here. So I’d say the description was accurate […]

  3. Mat,
    Today I had another whole morning with Ayahku. He was delivering a motivational talk with some standard six pupils of a school in Rantau Panjang. I was there to record on camera both still and video to assist him valuate his performance. At 80 he still has alot of zeal over such activities.
    Yes he is from Perlis and closely related to the royal family.
    Let me gather more information about him befor I write anything about him. He is yet to open up and unfold the story about himeslf.

  4. bro,

    nice to read your blog as it keeps me abreast with the latest news of my native state, kelantan. am looking forward to settle down there in my native land when i’m done here.

  5. zealot,
    It is common to find people coming back to Kelantan to retire. It is the a totally different atmosphere around here, very conducive for people who aspire to live a sedate life and prepare for the call of his maker.
    You can live a life of fun too if you so chooses.

  6. zawi,

    This Ayahku, is he the husband to our Cikgu Hasnah Sulaiman?

  7. Kakchik,
    Yo la tu. Petang tadi kami beramai ramai pergi menziarahi Sdr Hassan Sulong yang baru kena stroke. Spirit masih tinggi walaupun separuh badan lumpuh. Doakan dia pulih kembali ya.

  8. Bro Zawi,

    Thanks for putting up this photo (Bank Rakat Building) on your blog. My business partner was having tough time trying to anchor this building into my mind. He described the whole structure of this building including the ambience in detail but, I just couldn’t have it printed in my mind simply because I’ve never been there before.

    This is the building where he has his Optometry outlet under the name of SINARAN OPTOMETRY. The moment I show him this photo, he goes, “hok ning la kawe dok ghoyak ko demo tuuuuuu!. Yo lo la ning!” Well, finally!

    Besides him, there are other prominent Optometrists cum entrepreneurs hailed from Kelantan where their presence in this industry is also felt even in KL. I’m sure names like Rosmadi, Rozaimi, among others, are quite dear to you and to Pasir Mas residents.

    Thank you, again.

  9. Zealot,
    The building sits on the former Pasir Mas market which was gutted down by fire. Even this building had similar misfortune when it was used as the new market. It was rebuilt to become a Mall but since parking is a problem around the area, some tenants such as Bank Rakyat will be moving out to Wisma Majlis Perbandaran Pasir Mas.
    All the optometrists are familiar names especially Rozaimi and Rosmadi with a few new players coming in.

  10. Inche Mohd Zawi,
    Assalamualaikum. Saya dari Brunei baru saja baca anda message yang mana Sdr Hassan sedang sakit. Saya pernah belajar di Kota Bharu Kelantan pada tahun 1972-73 dan sering ke Pasir Mas belajar dengan Tok Guru Haji Hassan. Saya kurang pasti samada dapat ketemu dia lagi. Tok Guru saya mempunyai dua orang anak bernama timangan “Ani” dan “Ana”. Tok Guru Haji Hassan terkenal juga dengan ilmu besi atau pengenalan Keris. Saya ingin benar untuk mengetahui kedudukan mereka. Saya khuatir kalau-kalau Sdr Hassan Sulong adalah orangnya atau orang lain pula.
    Salam hormat

    • Sdr Azahari,
      Sdr Hasan Sulong bukan Tuan Guru Haji Hassan. Saya akan siasat mengenai Tuan Guru Haji Hassan dan akan hubungi Sdr selepas mendapat maklumat terkini.

  11. Sdr Mohdzawi,
    TQ for your response. In December 1973, I left Kelantan because my parents wanted to send me to UK to study. 14 January 1974 after 2 weeks in Brunei, I went to UK, and studied there for 7 years. In 1973 , communication was a bit difficult, no internet and no facebook. I kept moving from Colleges to University. So, lost contact. The latest news about Hj Hassan was from my friend who told me that Hj Hassan had been assigned to Musium at Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
    I want to visit them but I think there would be a lot of changes and development in Pasir Mas, and I might not be able to find my way to their place.
    Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf kerana menganggu Sdr.
    Salam hormat, AZAHARI

  12. Sdr Azahari,
    Selamat hari Raya. Thanks for the info. Now I have more lead to find your Tk Guru Haji Hassan. I will be most grateful if you can provide me the location or name of the Pondok that Tok Guru Haji Hassan was preaching. Over the years such pondoks have been demolished. Should you be visiting Kelantan I will be too happy to take you to his place. my contact number is 097903785 HP 0199125647

  13. I am afraid I cannot remember the Pondok, but I always went to his house and learn necessary things from him. His brother’s name was Hilmi, I hope I remember that name correctly. I hope they are still around in Pasir Mas or may be had moved to some other places. In May 2005 I was accompanying Syariah Chief Justice of Brunei on official visit to Kelantan but only staying at Kota BHaru for two days and one night only with very tight schedule. During that time there were a lot of changes and I could not locate several places that we had used to live in at Kampong Sirih(bawah lembah). So I reckon Pasir Mas has also experiencing changes with rapid development now. Thanks for the Phone numbers and I ve saved them already in my mobile. My mobile no. (673) 8753111. I would appreciate it very much if I could make contact to any members of his family before decided to pay a visit to them. I’ll text you when within these days.
    Salam hormat

    • Azahari Ahmad,
      Saya telah menemui keluarga arwah haji Hassan di Pasir Mas. Beliau telah kembali ke rahmatullah pada tahun 2002. Kini balu beliau Hajjah Wok tinggal bersama anaknya Ana dan suaminya Arshad di pasir Mas. Ani tidak tinggal bersama mereka. Arshad suami Ana adalah anak angkat arwah Haji Hassan dan baru bersara. Sdr boleh menghubungi Arshad di melalui HPnya 019954188. Sekiranya Sdr akan ke Kelantan untuk meneui keluarga tersebut, sila hubungi saya untuk membeawa Sdr ke rumah mereka.

  14. Salam. Thanks. I have yet to find him. Will be doing it as soon as possible. Still looking for leads.

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